Online Spiritual Lifestyle Training

The Online Spiritual Lifestyle Training is meant for those who want to go deeper into the philosophy of Tantra Yoga and enhance their meditation practice and spiritual life. Our training compliments the free Online Meditation for Beginners we offer every Saturday morning, by offering those participants an additional monthly webinar and a book club meeting. Each month, you will have exclusive access to a new webinar on a fascinating spiritual topic and join a discussion on the books we assign.

Members of the Spiritual Lifestyle Training will get closer access to our Tantra Yoga instructors, some of whom have over 30 years of experience. Questions and help with meditation will be offered at each session.


Here are some of the webinar topic our training will cover:

  • Releasing the attachments of the Mind After Meditation
  • Asanas (yoga postures), Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), Samadhi (unification with Supreme Consciousness)
  • Tantra, Mind and Soul
  • Tantra and the Body
  • Spiritual Activism, Economic Democracy, and PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory)
  • 15 Yogi Qualities of Great Character
  • Pranayama (breath control), Dharana (concentration), and Dhyana (flowing toward the Supreme Consciousness)
  • Relaxation and Stress Management
  • The Teachings of Shiva, the First Tantric Guru
  • The Teachings of Krsna
  • Spiritual Symbology: Yantras
  • Kosas: The Layers of the Mind
  • Shiva’s Seven Secrets of Success
  • Devotion: Combining Prayer and Tantric Meditation
  • Yoga Perspectives on Play and Life (Liila)
  • Universalism - Neo Humanism

Other Topics will include:

  • Tips for improving meditation
  • History of Tantra
  • Yama and Niyama (ethical guidelines of yoga)
  • Bhakti (devotional), Jinana (intellectual) and Karma (action) Yoga
  • Understanding different levels of the mind and personality
  • Tantric Theory of Creation (Brahmachakra)
  • Kundalini (spiritual consciousness rising)
  • Microvita and the Mystery of Life

If you are ready for enlightenment, you have come to the right place.

Required Readings and Assignments

Summary of “Anandamurtii’s Guide to Human Conduct”

  • Participants will take one Yama or Niyama and practice it for a week for a total of 10 weeks
  • They will write about their experience every week as a post on the Vistara Circle Facebook Group
  • This book will have three (3) group meetings

“Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind” by Dada Nabhaniilananda

  • Trainees will read one chapter at a time and write about a topic that interested them as a post on the Vistara Circle Facebook Group
  • Eight (8) Group Meetings and Discussion

“Wisdom of Tantra” by Dada Vedaprajiiananda

  • Trainees will read one to two chapters at a time and write about a topic that interested them as a post on the Vistara Circle Facebook Group
  • Seven (7) Group Meetings and Discussion

“Baba’s Grace” by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii

  • Trainees will read six separate sections of the book and choose excerpts or quotations from the book, which they found to be the most valuable. They will share their quotations with the trainees.
  • Six (6) Group Meetings and Discussion
My experience has been very gentle and enlightening. The meditations have opened me up to daily connection to the supreme consciousness.
Peggy Russo





Billed at $96, ONE-TIME PAYMENT (FOR two yearS)

  • A FREE COPY of Tantra Thoughts upcoming kirtan album
  • A FREE DIGITAL COPY of Anandamurtii’s Guide to Human Conduct (summarized)
  • 50% DISCOUNT of “Discovering the Roots of Tantra” webinar series




  • A FREE DIGITAL COPY of Anandamurtii’s Guide to Human Conduct (summarized)

Workstudy Programs

Are you interested in doing some service for our online community in exchange for the costs of our training? Service can include keeping track of attendance, helping at retreats, posting regular reminders, sharing our content with your friends, or any other skills you possess that may benefit our community. Opportunities for workstudy will be evaluated on case by case basis and will vary depending on availability.


Live webinars and reading discussions will be conducted on Zoom. Using a platform like Zoom will give our meetings more of a conversational fee than in the Online Meditation for Beginners. Recordings of programs will be posted in the Spiritual Lifestyle Training private Facebook Group.

Why should I join this training?


  • Ask important questions to the trainers, directly while having my voice heard, unlike the Online Meditation for Beginners where I can only type questions
  • Be in small group setting where I can have more personalized attention than in the Online Meditation for Beginners
  • Make friends with other people in my local area who are also a part of the training
  • Experience a noticeably greater degree of inner peace, stress reduction, and sense of well being
  • Make deeper connections with members of Vistara Circle from other branches and the Online Meditation for Beginners
  • Understand and practice, at the introductory level, the meditation technique of Tantra Yoga – a 7000 year old tradition
  • Make changes in my daily routine that will increase my spiritual understanding and self knowledge
  • Improve my meditation with the help of more spiritual knowledge
  • Examine my own personal values in light of the timeless philosophy of yoga
  • Become a leader in Vistara Circle as someone with more experience and knowledge
  • Identify obstacles in my spiritual path and understand how to overcome them
  • Feel a greater degree of spiritual awareness, growth, and connection
  • Find a spiritual path and community to establish myself in and share with others


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