Online Meditation for Beginners

Welcome to the Online Meditation (OM) – live streamed every Saturday at 10 AM EST on Youtube and Facebook. From November ’19 – January ’20, the Online Meditation will be streamed from Zoom.

Below is the Youtube Playlist of all previous Online Meditations. Choose one and start meditating today!

About the OM

The Online Meditation for Beginners provides viewers with an effective meditation technique, a spiritual reading, discussion and the opportunity to join a spiritual community. After eight live visits to the OM, participants get referred to a teacher nearest to them to receive a higher meditation lesson, in person, free of charge.

If participants want to get the higher lesson faster, they can complete the #VistaraCircleOM21 challenge.

How do I complete the #VistaraCircleOM21 challenge?

For people’s convenience the OMs will get edited after each live stream to start with kirtan, followed by the guided meditation.

  • Choose an OM to meditate with.
  • Follow the guided meditation
  • Make friends with other people in my local area who are also a part of the training
  • Listen to the spiritual reading and talk.
  • Post in the comment section of the video or in the Vistara Circle Facebook group what number meditation it is for you. Make sure your comment includes the #VistaraCircleOM21 in order to count. Your post can include a comment on the topic.
  • After 21 meditations, write about your experience in the Facebook Group and notify Krsnatma (Gustavo) in a message.

About the mantra in the kirtan and meditation

The mantra, Baba Nam Kevalam, means the Supreme Consciousness is all there is or only the feeling of Infinite Love. As you listen to the kirtan, begin ideating on the mantra. Start getting an image of what the mantra means and start to connect.


KRSNATMA (Gustavo Monje)

Dada Rainjitananda

Dada Veda

Dada Vishvarupananda

Dada Nabhaniilananda

Gustavo has a humble and disarming way of bringing spirituality into your life, when you feel pulled in too many directions. Highly recommended for those just getting started if you want to learn from somebody with unassuming kindness.
Maria Paula Ycaza


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