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Are you ready to make meditation a part of your daily routine?

Join me in a four week intensive course to learn effective methods for practicing meditation daily. The style of meditation that you will learn is Tantric meditation. The goal of Tantric meditation is to merge your soul with the Cosmic Soul.

Throughout the course, you will meditate twice a day, receive tools, learn the theory to support your practice, overcome obstacles and see greater results in your spiritual life.

If you are ready for enlightenment, you have come to the right place.

What topics are covered?

  • How health and diet improves meditation
  • Strategies to improve meditation

  • The power of mantra

  • The present moment and concentration

  • Understanding and opening the chakras

  • Moksa and spiritual liberation

  • Asanas to balance the chakras

  • Yoga psychology and release of samskara

  • Self realization and social service

I recently completed Gustavo’s meditation series, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to begin or enhance their mediation practice. Gustavo’s calm, laid-back, peaceful presence created such a comfortable and fun learning environment. My favorite part of the course was singing kirtan at every session, this helped me to fully arrive in the space after my workday and commute. By the end of the course I felt connected to the group, and was so happy that Gustavo extended us an invitation to join his spiritual community for Sunday group mediations.

Ajai Nidhan Kaur

I attended Gustavo’s 4 week “Making Meditation a Daily Practice Series” at Holistic Touch in Old Town Alexandria, and I’m so glad I did. I was just emerging from a very stressful period of my life, and had started to let my internal dialogue run rampant and get the best of me. Gustavo’s created a calm, inclusive atmosphere in which to regain the mental discipline to still my thoughts, find balance, and remember what’s really important in this life beyond the day-to-day to-do list. I really appreciate that even though the class is over, he still posts to the Facebook page he made for the site to keep us motivated in our mediation and growing spiritually. If you are looking for a spiritual mediation class or are interested in learning about consciousness, I highly recommend letting Gustavo guide you!

Jacqueline Hibbard Eramya

What will you achieve?


  • Be able to sit for meditation for 20 minutes twice a day and enjoy it

  • Work toward a 1,000 minutes meditation goal

  • Experience a noticeably greater degree of inner peace, stress reduction, and sense of well being

  • Evaluate the effect of your daily habits on your body and be able to make informed and conscious choices on how to improve your health and vitality
  • Understand and practice, at the introductory level, the meditation technique of Tantra Yoga – a 7000 year old tradition

  • Make changes in your daily routine that will increase your spiritual understanding and self knowledge

  • Understand yourself and what motivates you with a greater degree of self awareness

  • Examine your own personal values in light of the timeless philosophy of yoga

  • Concentrate and focus better, both in and outside of meditation, keeping your attention more in the present moment

  • Identify obstacles in your spiritual path and understand how to overcome them

  • Feel a greater degree of spiritual awareness, growth, and connection

  • Find a community of like minded meditators

  • Be able to legitimately claim the glorious title of tantric meditator


The class is usually held in my dedicated yoga/meditation studio at the Vistara House in Alexandria, VA. However, I am open to teaching it in your home for an extra cost. We can also have the course online via video chat.

Join the course and receive:

  • The course textbook – Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind by Dada Nabhaniilananda

  • Guided meditation recordings to practice at home

  • An album of meditation music

  • Four private or group classroom sessions

  • A meditation buddy to communicate with throughout the week

  • Discounts for life coaching

  • The course binder with handouts, materials, and resources to make meditation a daily practice

  • A certificate of completion and graduation party