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I teach at my home meditation studio, on the web, and in beautiful retreat settings. Stay tuned for a new webinar on Tantra.

Tantra Webinar

Tantra is the science of self-realization, going back 7000 years to the dawn of human civilization. What did these ancient sages know then that today we are still struggling to understand? In this webinar, you will learn core concepts of Tantra, that will help initiate your journey into the nature of consciousness and your inner being.

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Join me in a four week intensive course to learn effective methods for practicing meditation daily. The style of meditation that you will learn is Tantric meditation. The goal of Tantric meditation is to merge your soul with the Cosmic Soul.

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I took a course that Gustavo teaches called “Make Meditation a Daily Practice” – I took it almost a year ago and since then I have gone to more of his events. He is a phenomenal teacher – he really knows what he is talking about and knows how to explain things. He got me to have a daily practice! And my life is so much better because of it. More peace, less stress… Thank you Gustavo!

Thunderbolt Management

I recently completed Gustavo’s meditation series, and highly recommend it to anyone looking to begin or enhance their mediation practice. Gustavo’s calm, laid-back, peaceful presence created such a comfortable and fun learning environment. My favorite part of the course was singing kirtan at every session, this helped me to fully arrive in the space after my workday and commute. By the end of the course I felt connected to the group, and was so happy that Gustavo extended us an invitation to join his spiritual community for Sunday group mediations.

Ajai Nidhan Kaur

His creativity, warm heart and dedication to the continuous soul searching process is inspiring and contagious. He has opened his home for many of us who are on the path of self discovery and I feel very lucky to be part of this awesome community. I feel more uplifted and inspired every time I leave his yoga studio. Thank you!

Irina Baechle, LCSW