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How does my coaching process work?

Sometimes, it seems we are alone in the world. Our connections get severed. We seek for answers but can’t ask the right questions. Are we ever alone, though? Of course not; every atom and particle in this universe in under the care of a Divine Consciousness, and you are no different. However, sometimes we’ve made a mess of things or go through difficult situations, and we don’t know why. The Universe eventually connects you with someone who can help shine a light where you see darkness. You’re meant to evolve. A personal development coach, like me, can be the facilitator to your evolution, making sure you gain new knowledge to find your way. This is how I view my coaching work, as assistance to your self-discovery.

My coaching story

For the last 20 years of my life, I’ve had the great fortune of practicing meditation and teaching it to people from all over the world. I’ve been a college professor for 14 years and in that time have coached many students and colleagues on a wide range of issues. I, myself, have had wonderful teachers, mentors, trainings, and even a spiritual guru to guide my path. I am a reiki master, song writer, and yoga instructor. I’ve been blessed to develop a vibrant spiritual life and am thankful to be the founder of the Vistara Circle, an international meditation community with locations, members and volunteers from all over the world. 

I am also a family person with a wife and child, so I understand the struggles of family life. My life wasn’t always easy, being born to immigrant parents in the United States and being the first in my family to go to college. As a child, I experienced traumas and the divorce of my parents, all of which shaped who I am and gave me my share of obstacles to overcome. I know what it’s like to struggle, persevere and take responsibility for my growth and maturity. I can help you be the person you want to be, heal from the scars that still hurt you, and get you the results you need to move forward on your journey and experience your life at its full potential.

What areas of coaching do I offer?


For people seeking emotional maturity and to overcome personal problems. I can help you…


For people seeking Buddhahood and oneness with Supreme Consciousness. I can help you…

Do you wish you could take a little bit from each category above and tailor our coaching sessions to meet different needs? No problem. We can jump around and take care of what emerges in the moment and what your real needs are.

Here are the methods that I use

Coaching Packages

I offer coaching sessions via Zoom from wherever you are.



(10% OFF)


90 min coaching session



(15 % OFF)


90 min coaching sessions



(20% OFF)


90 min coaching sessions

Terms and payment

Coaching packages can be paid up front or in two installments, 30 days apart. The second installment will be automatically charged 30 days later. In one month, three sessions can be completed, while the fourth session would be done after the second payment is made. If necessary, the second payment can be made earlier, to have four sessions in one month. Ideally, sessions should be completed week by week for better results, but if this is not possible, all sessions must be completed within six months. Although, I coach clients on issues related to mental health, I am not a certified therapist and am not liable for any damages or results that were found to be inadequate.

Life Coach Training

I completed my life coach training from Leaders of the Heart with Brazilian master trainer, Gustavo Prudente, in Rockville, MD between 2014-2015.

Formal Education

Certifications and other Trainings

Gustavo is very genuine and insightful. I have been seeing Gustavo for Reiki and spiritual Life Coaching and have been getting a lot out of our sessions. He noticed certain subtle energies and allowed issues to surface that I was unaware were really something I needed to work on. I feel refreshed and renewed when I leave his peaceful and welcoming sanctuary. Thanks for everything, Gustavo!
Katie Scott
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