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Tantric meditation can be the right technique for you if you’re seeking emotional maturity and deep spiritual practice. I can teach you meditation online, LIVE, on Saturdays, every week on Facebook and Youtube. You’ll also have the opportunity to join our community, the Vistara Circle, online!

If you’ve attended the Online Meditation for Beginners, you’ve gotten a taste of how powerful kirtan can be. My new kirtan album is especially designed to inspire your meditation journey. Buy the album today!

The Vistara Circle Spiritual Lifestyle Training

Get ready to join a special Vistara Circle program with inspiring webinars, readings, and assignments all managed online and designed to take your practices and knowledge of Tantra to a higher level!

Tantra and the Spiritual Perspective on Beauty Retreat

Our retreat will be a celebration and exploration of the beauty that drives human evolution from the material to the sublime. Register today!

About Gustavo

I can teach you meditation for free in the Washington DC area. Contact me to learn and join my community, the Vistara Circle, for weekly yoga and meditation gatherings.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual tradition which originated in India in prehistoric times and was first systematized by the ancient guru, Shiva. It emphasizes the development of human vigor, both through meditation and through confrontation of difficult external situations, by overcoming all fears and weaknesses.

I have passed the 1000 minutes of meditation that Gustavo prescribed to me. At first it was tricky using words that I have never heard before and connecting them to the meaning, but I soon got over that hurdle. I have noticed deep changes that have been happening within in me from the meditation, thoughts and reasoning have become more clear. Dreams have become a lot more vivid and I am becoming a lot more creative in my thinking. The other benefits have been my improvement in diet and a stronger appreciation in the beauty of nature. I have also become more tolerant of people and happier. All together meditation with such a positive and expansive mantra has vastly improved me as a person.
Kevin Murphy

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