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You, my friend, are on an evolutionary journey seeking to arrive at your highest self. On your journey, obstacles may appear or confusion. That’s where I come in, as a coach to help you have a better relationship with yourself and the Universe. I’m here to facilitate your evolutionary progress. Here’s what I can offer you: meditation techniques, Tantric wisdom, personal development and spiritual community!

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My new kirtan album is especially designed to inspire your meditation journey. 

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What is Tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual tradition which originated in India in prehistoric times and was first systematized by the ancient guru, Shiva. It emphasizes the development of human vigor, both through meditation and through confrontation of difficult external situations, by overcoming all fears and weaknesses.

Through my coaching sessions with Gustavo I was able to gain new insight and understanding about myself and how I approach life. His guidance helped me discover barriers to achieving goals. I am excited about the goals that I was able to.create during this process and feel empowered and inspired going forward in my new vision of my future.
Alesia Hollis
Alesia Hollis

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